Baby foot – deep skin exfoliation peeling

What is Baby Foot? Baby Foot is a deep skin exfoliation peeling product for your foot. It helps remove all the dead skin that you have under your foot. You just need to use this once every 3 months and your foot skin will restore completely like a baby foot. Direct from Japan only around

Men’s Birkenstock sandal cheap online

Everyone know Birkenstock sandal is made with good quality and that’s the reason why everyone loves it. Now you can buy the BIRKENSTOCK ARIZONA Black sandal on Ebay for only $66.90 USD (~$90 CAD + tax) In Canada, Softmoc is selling this for $124.90 + tax Get it here

A useful app to monitor cheapest flight for you

Every year, many Canadians like to travel abroad. If you are a budget traveler, you will always like to get the cheapest air tickets. With this app – Hopper , it can help you monitor when it’s the good time to buy your air tickets. Give it a try. Get your app here – Free!

Dyson V8H cordless vacuum on special

Want a handy cordless vacuum? Back by popular demand, Dyson is having a special sale for the Dyson V8H cordless vacuum (refurbished), it comes with 1 year warranty Only $449.99, free shipping Get it quickly here!