How To Earn Rebates on paying your property tax / hydro bills?

If you own a home in Greater Toronto Area, I am sure you have to pay property taxes to the tax man.   City of Toronto and City of Markham for instance will not allow home owners to pay property taxes with a credit card.  As a result, you will not be able to earn reward points or cash back.  Your hydro and water bills are another example which do not accept credit card as a method of payment.

Now, there is a new app called Paytm (Payment Through mobile) which allow consumer to pay their daily bills with their Mastercard credit cards without incurring any service fees.  Once you download the app, just go through very simple registration procedures by providing your name, email address, mobile number.  Once you verified your email and phone number, you will be able to pay your property taxes with Mastercard.  To pay your bill, select the category, enter your payee information, on the next screen you will be asked to add your credit card.

From now until January 31, the app will give you an additional 2% rebates (max $20) on the amount you paid and give you $10 as a bonus if you register with this code PTM6463581

Download the app here